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Our Server Monitoring solution allows you not only to monitor your whole server infrastructure but also to act immediately on issues by having remote access to all of your servers on demand

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Comparing to other server monitoring and network monitoring tools CloudStats requires no special knowledge to setup and operate.

After signup, you can immediate start monitoring your server and network with an easy setup script.

Resolve IT Issues from the Cloud

Simply having a server monitoring and network monitoring solution is not enough. When something happens you must always rush to your server control room or simply to CloudStats.

Thanks to a Remote Console tool you can immediately be in control of your servers wherever you are.

Product Features

Server Monitoring

Manage your servers and instances from the cloud like never before. Send remote commands, perform package upgrades, deploy applications, check system settings and get logs. All these tasks take just seconds with CloudStats

server monitoring service.

Reduce the burden of monitoring and alerting of your cloud instances and bare metal servers. CloudStats keeps an eye on your IT and alerts every relevant member of your team.

Network Monitoring

Server Backups

CloudStats allows you to backup your servers and cloud instances to any location on a daily basis. Simply configure what you would like to be backed up and setup backup location. CloudStats will do the rest for you.

With CloudStats it is easy to check your Services, Websites, Ports, IP Addresses from external locations. Just add an external check and system will automatically notify you of any issues with it.

External Checks

Process Monitoring

Get Statistics of Processes inside your servers and instances. Whenever your Database (e.g. MySQL) or Web Server (Apache, Tomcat etc.) start consuming a lot of resources, you have to be notified about it to be able to quickly locate the problem.

Your server is a collection of apps that may crash from time to time. Knowing exactly if something happens to apps inside your server is critical to your business. CloudStats will alert you if any of the services dies so that you can act immediately.

Service Status Checks

Slack Integration

Finding Slack @awesome? CloudStats and Slack work well together. Get your server, URL, IP monitor alerts via Slack. Make sure your team gets alerts on time and is able to make instant decisions based on service status.

Get CloudStats data integrated into your systems. Use API to get Server Statistics, Graphs Information. Partners have the ability to provision accounts, set limits and suspend accounts when necessary.

Powerful API


Basic Monitoring

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  • 24 Hour Data Retention
  • Server Up/Down Alerts
  • Skype, Slack & Email Notifications
  • Single User Account


Includes free 1 server, 1 URL and 1 IP Monitor

Any additional monitor is charged at $2 per month

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Enterprise Monitoring

  • 30 Days Data Retention
  • Custom Process Monitoring
  • Configurable Alerts
  • Remote Server Console
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • Skype, Slack, Email, Push* Notifications

per Server Monitor

per month


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CloudStats offers a number of advantages compared to other server monitoring tools.

Check out the feature comparison page.

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CloudStats is powered by Microsoft Azure® Global Datacenter Network

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Alex Krasnov (

We have been using CloudStats for almost 3 years now. Our engineers use it to monitor our own network as well as servers of our clients in order to quickly respond to network issues and resolve them. CloudStats is a great and easy-to-use tool that will suit not just hosting companies but also individual webmasters and web development agencies.

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